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2015 Workshops
We have quite a selection of workshops again this year!  Please read through the list.

2015 contact: Michelle DeLucia  207-935-4075

Click here for instructor bios

**All Materials Fees will be paid directly to the instructor at the beginning of the class.


Needle Felted Wool Landscape      Full Day Class on Saturday morning
Instructor: Jan Winsor
Class Description: Explore needle felting techniques, color blending and the use of texture to create a beautiful wool painting of your favorite landscape.

Workshop fee: $55
Length of Workshop: 10 am-12 break for lunch 1:00-3:30
Material Fee: $25 includes all tools and materials needed to create your choice of an 8" x 10" or an 11" x 14" all wool picture.
Materials student must bring to class: 2 or 3 favorite landscape photos to use for inspiration.
Maximum number of participants: 8


Silk Painting      FULL DAY CLASS on Saturday
Instructor’s name: Julie Yarbrough
Length of Workshop: 9:30-noon break for lunch 1:00-3:00
Workshop description: This is a basic silk painting class with all the bells and whistles. We will focus on design choices, resist application, dye application, blending, setting the color and rinsing the silk. You will create a finished beautiful scarf worthy of gifting a beloved friend or to keep for yourself. If you can trace and hold a paintbrush, you can do this!

Workshop fee: $80.00
Materials fee: $25.00
Maximum # of participants: 6

Bangles and Baubles, Felted Jewelry     Saturday 10 AM-12 NOON
Instructor: Marianne Senechal
Learn to make brilliant jewelry from merino wool! This fast paced class takes you from beads and baubles to bracelets, necklaces and beyond. Learn some easy techniques and be on your way to creating a collection all your own! The versatility of felt is as unlimited as your imagination when it comes to wearable art. From sophisticated to silly, you'll adore your new adornments!

Length of Workshop : 2 hour class
Workshop fee: $55.00 includes materials
Suitable for ages 11 and up, beginners and beyond

Magic Mosaic Sample     Saturday 10am-12noon
Instructor : Aloisia Pollock
The pattern is knit with 2 or more colors, one color at at time and easy for beginning knitters. You just need to know knit and purl stitches. Mosaic patterns are perfect for throws, babyblankets, borders, jackets, coats.

Skill level: Beginning knitter
Materials for sample: 2 skeins of yarn in complementary colors, knitting needles.
Length of workshop: 2hrs.

Workshop fee: $30.00
Material fee, if needed: $12.00


Testing our Backyards & Kitchens for Color      Saturday noon-4:00
Instructor: Rachel Bingham Kessler@ 44 Clovers
When I dye with a new plant material, I love to see what will happen with several different variables all at once. We'll be working with at least 4 different dye pots of various fresh local plants and vegetable scraps from my kitchen to dye several different fibers that I will have pre-mordanted for us in a handful of non-toxic mordants. Each participant will go home with new knowledge, a hefty amount of samples to either add to your dye journal or to start your first one or start a small project, and a hefty information pack on mordanting, collecting, and dyeing.

4min 8max
Length of Workshop: 4 hours
Workshop fee: $90.00
Material fee: $10 materials fee paid to instructor

Folk Art Rug Hooking     Saturday 1:00-3:00
Instructor: Janet Conner
Like all old fashioned crafts, rug hooking is low-tech, simple and lots of fun! You can easily incorporate rovings, hand spun and commercial yarns, felting techniques and embellishments, once you have mastered the basics. Learn the sequence and procedure of rug hooking, from start to finish. Every step will be demonstrated. We will discuss the history and tradition of primitive rug hooking, learn about finding and preparing materials, and research sources for design inspiration. You will choose from a variety of simple folk art designed rug hooking KITS, for a small mat or chair pad, purchased directly from the instructor.

Workshop Fee:$35.00
Materials fee : Your rug hooking kit will include everything needed: hook, instructions, design suggestions, binding, burlap, hoop and a selection of one-of-a-kind heirloom and hand dyed wools. ($41-$60, depending upon size)
Please bring to class: If you have a favorite pair of sharp fabric scissors, please bring these to class.
Class Limit: 10

Needlefelted Fruits and Pastries     Saturday 1:00-3:30
Instructor: Marianne Senechal
They look yummy, but no calories ! An introductory needlefelting class. Come learn the craft of needlefelting. In this class we’ll focus on making needlefelted sculptures that look like fruits, cookies, tarts, petit fours, and other appetizing desserts. You will learn the basics of needlefelting and wool blending and come away with some pretty treats that won’t add to your waistline!

Length of Workshop : 2 1/2 hour class
Workshop fee: $55.00 includes all materials
All materials provided, but if students can bring a piece of open cell foam (like a pillow form or a car sponge) 2" thick and about 5"X5", that would be helpful.
Class Information: length is 2 1/2 hours. Eight students, age 12 and older.


Spinning 101-Morning Workshop     Sunday 10am-12noon
Instructor: Deborah Bergman
Offering an AM session and a PM session on Sunday. If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at a spinning wheel, here is your opportunity to learn the basics of spinning your own yarn. In this 2 hour class, learn to treadle, draft wool roving, and spin it into yarn. Yes, there may be some lumps and bumps but that gives it character!

Length of workshop: 2 hours
Workshop fee: $85.00
Spinning wheels and roving will be provided by the instructor.
Maximum of 5

Sweet Sue the Knitting Sheep     FULL DAY WORKSHOP (9:30-NOON Lunch break 1:00-3:30)
Instructor’s name: Julie Yarbrough
Length of Workshop: 5-6 hours
Workshop description: Sweet Sue loves to knit. Many of us have the very same addiction!
Come join us for a quiet day of needle felting where we will be creating this sweet, industrious figure out of sheep’s wool. We will cover several methods of figure construction.
All materials will be provided by instructor but please bring some small, found objects that you will use to bring your figure to life. Sweet Sue measures about 6 inches tall and may be posed in a variety of ways.

Workshop fee: $75.00, Includes all materials for this project and instruction.
Maximum # of participants: 10

Miniature Punch Needle     Sunday morning 10:00-12 noon
Instructor: Janet Conner
This is an old craft, which mimics the appearance of hooked rugs--but in miniature doll house size! The design is punched from the back using a specialized punch needle tool, creating a series of tiny loops on the front surface. Using my hand dyed wool yarns makes all the difference in antique appearance and quality. In this full day class, students will choose from among a variety of complete kits ($25) which include an original folk art design, all hand dyed and natural wool threads, and complete instructions. Together we will learn the technique for completing and displaying this beautiful and portable fiber craft!

Workshop Fee: $40.00
BRING TO CLASS: small sharp embroidery scissors, an Ultrapunch size Small Punch needle (or purchase from instructor for $15) and 7" MORGAN brand locking embroidery hoop (or purchase for $10)
Material fee: Total material fee of $50 -if you have nothing to bring--payable to instructor.
Class Limit: 10
Experience Level: BEGINNER

Needle Felted Sheep for All Seasons ~ "It’s the year of the sheep" Sunday 9:30am-12noon
Instructor: Jan Winsor
Length of Workshop: 2.5- 3 hours
In this class you will learn needle felting techniques to create your own one-of-a-kind 3 dimensional sheep. The finished sheep measures approximately 9” x 7”. The process of how to make wet felted blankets for the sheep that can be changed out for different seasons will be discussed.

Workshop Fee: $30
Material Fee: $25 The materials fee includes all the tools needed and a kit containing all the wool roving and wool curls you will need to make a "Sheep for All Seasons".
Class size – 10

Sunday Afternoon Workshops

Spinning 101      Afternoon workshop 1:00-3:00
Instructor :Deborah Bergman
Offering an AM session and a PM session on Sunday. If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at a spinning wheel, here is your opportunity to learn the basics of spinning your own yarn. In this 2 hour class, learn to treadle, draft wool roving, and spin it into yarn. Yes, there may be some lumps and bumps but that gives it character!

Length of workshop: 2 hours
Workshop fee: $85.00
Spinning wheels and roving will be provided by the instructor.
Maximum of 5

Needle Felted Santa Ornament       Sunday afternoon 12:30-3:00
Instructor’s name - Jan Winsor
Workshop description – Get a jump start on Christmas and create a unique all wool ornament. In this class you will learn the basics of needle felting a ball and “sculpting” a Santa face onto it. It makes an impressive gift and no experience is necessary! The materials fee includes a kit containing instructions, all the wool and tools needed to create your one-of-a-kind Santa ornament.

Workshop fee - $30
Length of Workshop –Half day 2.5- 3 hours
Materials fee - $25
Maximum # of workshop participants - 10 maximum